Why have sedation for dental treatment?

Many people are anxious or in fact extremely fearful of dental treatments.

At 5 Dental we are to able treat dental anxiety by listening to these fears and working with you and if required provide a tailor-made dental sedation.

Dental sedation is where we use a sedative medicine usually intravenously to relax you, it switches off anxiety receptors in the brain which evokes a calmness, deep relaxation, and sleepiness. 

Many people are needle phobic, in these instances a very strong oral sedative is used prior to enable intravenous access, further sedative is administered in a dose response-controlled approach.

The sedative takes you into a sleep, it is a twilight zone between general anaesthesia and full normal consciousness.  The dentist is able to rouse you. The sedative causes amnesia so you will have little or no memory of the dental procedure.

Who can have sedation?

We offer dental sedation to teenagers and adults. There are no age upper limits, we do however need a fully comprehensive up to date medical history with all current medications, working with this, understanding the patient’s anxiety issue and the dental treatment planned we can then confirm that the individual is suitable and the type of dental sedation.

For children under the age of 12 we refer out to specialist sedation centres.

What procedures is sedation used for?

Sedation is offered for all dental treatments, from routine fillings, to the more complex e.g., root canal work, extractions, oral surgery and implant placement. 

Sedation makes the time pass very quickly, 2 hours in the chair literally feels like a few minutes. It is useful for patients who have back and joint problems who are unable to be comfortable in the dental chair for a period of time. 

Sedation Protocol Pre and Post Op

To be able to provide sedation there are some pre-operative requirements which have to be met.

On the day of the appointment a very small amount of light food should be eaten, you do not fast from the night before and you will be specifically advised on time scales of when you must not eat from and what you can eat. 

A responsible adult must be able to escort you to the practice, be available to drive you home afterwards and stay with you at home for at least 8 hours after discharge.

It is a legal requirement that you do not drive / ride any vehicle for 24 hours after the sedative has been administered.

No horse riding, bike riding etc. 

It is a day of rest; no work is allowed physical or office type of work as your cognitive judgement is impaired so a day’s leave from work is required.

Wear sensible warm clothing with access to your upper arms.

Surgeon Dr Debbie Lloyd is our in house sedationist

Dr Debbie Lloyd BDS DipDSed, University of London, GDC 66198 - No.5 Dental Care

Dr Debbie Lloyd BDS DipDSed, University of London
GDC Number – 66198

For further information please contact the front of house team at  info@5dental.co.uk