Our team of experienced and dedicated staff are trained to make your visit with us relaxed and comfortable. We understand that people are going to be apprehensive and our approach is to put you at ease. The surroundings are warm and comfortable, the staff welcoming and friendly.

Customer Care at No5

On Arrival


We have television screens placed above our dental chairs so that during your treatments you can watch news, sport, films or listen to the radio. Children’s channels are also available for our younger patients. If you have a favourite DVD we would be pleased to play it for you.

We like to discuss with you, prior to your Oral Health Check, any oral health issues you have that are currently causing you concern, what your previous dental experiences have been and what your treatment requirements are. Also discussed are your current oral hygiene routine and dietary habits, medical or social factors that may be affecting your oral health. Advice is then given in relation to all these factors in a friendly and constructive manner.

Oral Health Check


The Oral Health Check will be carried out at each routine examination appointment you attend.

This will include

  • A health assessment of all your oral soft tissues, including lips; cheeks; palate; tongue and floor of the mouth. This also includes screening for oral cancer.
  • Mobility of any teeth, your bite and tooth position.
  • Your Periodontal (gum) health, any build up of plaque or tartar, inflammation of the gums, any bone loss or pocketing around the teeth.
  • All fillings, crowns and implants are checked for optimum health. Notes are made of any tooth that needs to be “watched” for potential future problems.
  • Any cracks or wear of teeth noted.

Screening digital x-rays would normally be taken at your initial visit and results shown and explained to you. These are repeated at intervals between 2 and 5 years according to National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

All findings from your Oral Health Check would be discussed with you at the end of the appointment along with any immediate treatment required, printed estimates will be provided at this time. Any future treatments that may be beneficial to your long term Oral Health will also be discussed along with pros and cons.

Your routine recall interval will also be discussed which could be between 6 months and 2 years according to NICE guidelines.

Access and the Local Community

There is an on-site laboratory located at No.5 to enable us to carry out same day denture repairs and modifications. We have wheelchair access at the surgery and can accommodate patients in our ground floor surgery. We also provide educational visits to local nursing homes and local schools on oral care and maintenance as we passionately believe in education. We are proud sponsors of Grayshott Cricket Club ALL STARS and The Hunter Centre for Dementia care in Haslemere. If you would like us to visit your school or care home please do contact us.