Endodontics – You’re in safe hands. Our resident Endodontics Expert is Emma Clayton-Jones

For patients requiring Root Canal Therapy from dentists across London, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex

At No.5 we are an established Endodontics referral practice for patients requiring Root Canal Therapy from dentists across London, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex. We are focused on preventative dental care and enabling patients to maintain high standards of oral health.

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Emma qualified from Kings, London, in 1995 and worked in hospital training posts until joining Maple Lea in 1997. She has concentrated her postgraduate training mainly in the field of endodontics attaining the Certificate in Endodontics at the Eastman in 2007. Emma has now taken on the sole running of No.5 and continues to accept new patients for general dentistry as well as accepting specialist referrals.

Endodontics FAQ

WHAT IS AN ENDODONTIST? An endodontist is a dentist who specialises in saving teeth by performing root canal therapy. Your family dentist is referring you to an endodontist because this treatment may be beyond their area of expertise and their practice may not have the specialist equipment required to perform the treatment.

A dentist becomes an endodontist by completing two or more years of advanced endodontic training in addition to dental school. An endodontist’s entire training focuses on root canals, and therefore he or she is an expert at managing and relieving tooth pain, diagnosing oral and facial pain, treating traumatic injuries, and performing root canal therapy quickly and comfortably.

DO I NEED TO BE REFERRED BY MY DENTIST TO HAVE AN APPOINTMENT? No not at all. We would be delighted to see you. Many of our new consultations come to us after recommendation from previously treated patients. Should you decide to go ahead with treatment, we would work closely with your dentist. We take referral patients for endodontics from dentists in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and further a field.

DO I NEED A CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT? Not always, we will assess the referral details sent by your dentist, and will contact you if there is a need to discuss treatment options.

WHAT IS A ROOT CANAL? The root canal is found in the centre of the tooth. It normally contains the pulp, which consists of nerves and blood vessels. When the canal has become infected, root canal therapy is needed to clean out the diseased tissue and then seal the inside of the tooth.

IS IT GOING TO HURT? With advances in modern technology, root canal treatments are much easier to have done than they used to be. Most people report that it is similar to having a filling placed. Ask Emma and her staff about how we can make your visit more comfortable.

HOW MUCH TIME WILL IT TAKE? After your examination, treatment usually lasts for 60-90 minutes. In some cases, several visits are necessary to get past obstructions and adequately clean the canals. Curved roots and calcified canals can also increase the complexity and therefore the treatment time.

After the root canal therapy is completed you will be referred back to your regular dentist for further treatment, if you require a crown or for your routine care.

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