5 Tips For A Whiter Smile & Better Oral Hygiene

5 Tips For A Whiter Smile & Better Oral Hygiene

1. Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast

Brushing your teeth before breakfast means you’ve protected them before eating thanks to the fluoride in toothpaste, whereas brushing after will push acids and sugars into the enamel of the tooth.

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2. Opt For Safer Snacks

‘Safe Snacks’ in between meals include nuts, cheese – which can actually help neutralise plaque acids post-meal – fresh vegetables and plain popcorn. Avoiding sugary food and drink between meals is key.

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3. Maintain A Strict Routine

Prevention is always best so ensuring you are maintaining your teeth throughout life is important. Our advice to maintain a healthy smile is to brush twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste.

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4. Avoid Acidic Foods

Enamel erosion is mainly caused by acids found in food and drink. While it’s irreversible, some fluoride-based dental care systems such as Duraphat toothpaste can help re-mineralise early erosion.

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5. Stop Grinding Teeth

Clenching or grinding of the teeth is something we may do when we are stressed and this can cause tooth surface loss which is seen in combination with enamel erosion. See our specialist anti-grinding device Cerezen click here or call and speak to one of our reception team.

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